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Jack Stafford

BsC degree

I'm a corrective exercise specialist with a conscious approach to life. I believe we can access the deepest parts of our wellness through the power of fitness

My qualifications

I graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a 2:1 BsC degree and upon graduating I decided to follow my passion and purpose - serving others through the transformative effect of fitness. I have become a corrective exercise specialist (movement mechanics and posture) and am in the process of completing my Toastmaster Presentation Mastery pathway (accomplished public speaker).

My approach

I dedicate my work to expanding my client's consciousness, helping them optimise their emotional, mental and spiritual health through moving their body and controlling what they put into their body.

Everything is interconnected, everything affects everything, so my focus is very personal development-based on how to start small with habits to compound into powerful personal growth. We explore their values and environment to bring their conscious awareness into what they can do to start taking control of their life.

I adopt an ego-soul dynamic approach together with neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to make small incremental shifts in my clients' lives so they can create the life they want to live.

My belief is that as long as you are curious, open and adopt a student mindset, your life will be full of prosperity, abundance and you will look back on your life with no regret.

My favourite Zooki

It has to be Turmeric Zooki - I have never tasted one as good as Zooki's. I was blown away by it (you can find my reaction on my Tiktok).




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