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Turmeric Zooki

Turmeric Zooki

Great tasting Turmeric that goes the extra mile
Advanced formulation curcumin extract from turmeric root, delivered as a sachet-sized tangerine burst. Perfect for those looking to supplement digestion, immunity, joints and bones
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  • Tangerine
Curcumin and
the 'Noids

Turmeric has been a heavy hitter in both the spice and medicinal worlds for centuries in many countries, but it’s more recently that we’ve picked it up in Europe and the US. 

Almost all the benefits of turmeric arise from a collection of bright orange, biologically active ingredients called curcuminoids. These clever little phytochemicals possess a range of antioxidant and neuroprotective qualities.

750mg of curcumin per sachet
Why we're different
20x stronger than turmeric

Turmeric Zooki contains extract that is 20 times more concentrated with curcumin than raw turmeric powder 

High absorption

We combine Turmeric with natural lipids to ensure easy absorption without the need for black pepper and it's side effects

Great taste

Infused with natural tangerine extracts for a delicious taste without a trace of the bitter taste of turmeric

In an independent trial...
9 in 10

had increased energy levels


had improved performance during exercise

9 in 10

had improved recovery in between exercise


had improved fitness and endurance

9 in 10

had less stiff & achy joints after an active day


enjoyed taking the supplement

*In an independent trial conducted by CueConsumer, 93 people consumed Turmeric Zooki each day for four weeks.


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earn rewards!

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Does Turmeric Zooki contain black pepper?

Absolutely not. A lot of turmeric supplements use black pepper, or piperine, to increase absorption, but this isn’t necessarily a good idea. Black pepper works by switching off the enzymes in the liver that remove the curcumin once it’s absorbed. A side effect of this is that these enzymes are also prevented from removing certain actual toxins from the body.

A much better way, and what Turmeric Zooki does, is to combine the fat-soluble curcumin with lipids to ensure it’s easily absorbed into the bloodstream without the side effects.

"Turmeric Zooki
has nailed it"

"I get up in the morning, have my breakfast and now that includes ripping open a sachet, 30 seconds and I'm loaded up with my supplementation for the day. It gives me a spring in my step, I feel less stiff from the exercise that I've been doing, and throughout the day I feel there's a more steady state in my gut health."

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"Great taste.. works wonders"

"This has helped with my pain so much. I would definitely recommend this product, it eases pain relief in joints and taste great! Would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from joint pain it gives u a boost of energy. its fast delivery wen u order"

Nazia I. on 30 Oct 2021

Great results, great taste!

I am really happy with the results! I have noticed multiple improvements and benefits. I have been really impressed with how I feel the day after a running session or a long run - I feel much fresher and more recovered. A real bonus is the taste - they’re so yummy

Beth H. on 14 Oct 2021

"Turmeric is great!"

"These have helped me feel more perky and awake throughout the whole day. After only a week, I missed a day by accident and could tell the difference. They taste good are easy to take and I can see a difference!"

Allison D. on 27 Oct 2021

"Fabulous supplement"

I have been taking zooki turmeric for about 2 months now to help with inflammation. I am really pleased with the results!! I have stopped taking ibuprofen now and take this supplement instead. The taste is great and it is so easy to take with the pouch

Sharon O. on 9 Nov 2021


Have been taking Turmeric Zooki, for the last four weeks or so. The use of ease is great, as a runner and cyclist I am quite happy to use the sachets. Think I have started to find the benefits. Would recommend. Love the taste of tangerine.

Barry on 10 Oct 2021

"Definite improvement after one month"

"I have been taking this supplement for a month now and the pain levels from arthritis in my spine are definitely decreasing. It is definitely worth trying and not unpleasant to take so I would recommend trying it."

Brenda C on 30 Sep 2021

Answers to your frequently asked questions

Turmeric Zooki is packed with 750mg of curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric extract. The Lipid emulsion means maximum absorption for this 750mg dose!

This can be a confusing one. Basically, we take the turmeric root, and extract the active ingredient from it, which is curcumin. Curcumin comes from the exact same root as turmeric, so sometimes people use these two words interchangeably, but curcumin is basically a levelled-up version of turmeric. We are just making sure you get all the good stuff from the offset through delivering the active ingredient straight away, rather than having your body do the heavy-lifting through the digestive process!

Absolutely. Turmeric Zooki tastes fantastic and can be taken straight from the sachet, mixed with water or added to granola, fruit, smoothies and more!

Yes! Turmeric Zooki is plant-based and perfectly suitable for vegans to take

It most certainly doesn’t. While the flavour of turmeric is great in a curry, we don’t think it’s the most appealing flavour for a food supplement. This sachet of goodness has a delicious tangerine taste, so leave your preconceived notions aside before you try it - we can promise you, it’s so delicious that you’ll be left wanting more

In theory, you could. But only if you’re willing to consume heaps and heaps of turmeric powder daily - a lot more than you’d be used to cooking with. We’re talking around 10x the amount you’d normally cook with, daily. And that would probably get really old really quickly. Turmeric Zooki is a far more concentrated version of the powder you cook with, and it tastes a lot better too!

‘Lipo-shield’ is what we call the special lipid emulsion that we wrap all our nutrients in. ‘Lipo’ for lipids, and ‘shield’ because they form a protective barrier around the nutrients, helping to deliver our nutrients right through the digestive system. Our lipo-shield is made up of essential phospholipids, the same thing that surrounds our cells. This means it takes into consideration the natural processes and structure of our cells, and uses it to your advantage.

We know it might be slightly confusing - it’s hard to imagine how we could make Zooki taste so good without artificial additives and sugars. However, despite the sweet taste, all Zooki products are completely free from sugars, artificial sweeteners and additives. Nothing but natural goodness and high impact nutrients! 

The sweetness you’re tasting could be the xylitol in our Zooki products, which is a naturally sweet compound found in fruits; however, unlike sugar, xylitol has a very low glycemic index and thus no effect on blood sugar levels!

Turmeric Zooki is free from gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol, sugar - and it’s vegan friendly, too!




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