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Vitamin D Zooki

Vitamin D Zooki

3000iu Vitamin D3 + 100µg Vitamin D2 Liposomal Liquid Sachets
Great tasting, on-the-go Vitamin D3 to aid your immune system, muscles and bones. A sure-fire and delicious way to meet your NHS-recommended daily Vitamin D3 quota
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Available in 1 flavours

  • Mixed Berry
The sunshine

Vitamin D (unfortunately misnamed by the scientist who discovered it as it’s actually a type of hormone) helps shore up our immune system, regulates calcium going into and out of our bones, keeps us feeling energetic and happy and even supports skin, tendons and blood vessel walls.

We make most of it from contact with the sun’s UV rays - which is incredibly hard when you’re inside all day or struggling through cloudy days and winter!

What is liposomal Vitamin D?

In it's natural state, Vitamin D is unprotected and vulnerable to being destroyed in the harsh environment of your digestive system


To get around this, we developed a way to wrap Vitamin D in "Liposomes" - tiny bubbles made from the same building blocks that make up the walls of our cells


These "Liposomes" form a shield around the Vitamin D which 1) protects the Vitamin D from stomach acid and 2) increases the absorption of Vitamin D across the gut wall and into the bloodstream

Clinically proven to have up to 4x higher absorption

Through multiple studies and clinical trials, we’ve demonstrated that Zooki Liposomal Encapsulation provides nutrients with up to 4x higher absorption into the bloodstream compared to conventional supplements.

In an independent trial...
9 in 10

had less stiff and achy bones after a long day


said it was easy to include in their daily routine

8 in 10

recovered quicker from minor illnesses


found it more effective than taking the vitamin in tablet form

8 in 10

experienced less muscular aches and pains


Were happy with the results

*In an independent trial, 120 people took Vitamin D Zooki each day for 4 weeks.


your sachets

earn rewards!

It's free & easy to recycle your used sachets, you'll even earn reward points when you do

100% vegan, natural ingredients

We wrap Vitamin D in lipids using only 100% natural ingredients; we don't use alcohol solvents, such as ethanol, that are typically found in liquid supplements.

Unlike most Vitamin D3 which is sourced from sheep’s wool, Vitamin D Zooki is made from vegan-friendly lichen algae, because every little helps to keep sheep warm!

Directions for use

Vitamin D Zooki is nothing if not flexible

Straight from the sachet
Add to water
Add to food and smoothies
Can I take with
Zooki products?

Vitamin D Zooki is nothing if not a team player, and can be taken alongside all other Zooki products. We suggest pairing Vitamin D Zooki with Vitamin C Zooki for an impactful immune supporting combo, or take it with Turmeric Zooki for a bone and joint supporting super-team.

Join over 100,000 happy customers

"Great tasting"

"Decided to give these a try to boost how much vitamin D my body gets over the winter period. Great tasting, not too sweet and just enough of it so it is one mouthful. First time I had one I felt a "buzz" afterwards, and I am someone with a healthy diet."

Charles M. on 18 Oct 2021
Mark K. on April 15 2020

"Love love love ❤️"

"My Zooki Vitamin D/K2 and Vitamin C/E sachets go everywhere with me. So easy to pop in a bag or pocket. I can add them to my morning ritual wherever I go, so I have peace of mind and the delicious flavour that they bring to an otherwise bland green juice or smoothie.

Rachel M. on 10 Oct 2021

"5* Vitamin D"

"I can’t get over how tasty the vitamin D sachets are?! So much easier than timing pills with meals etc! I will never look back - so glad I found YourZooki!"

Bethany W. on 26 Aug 2021
Sophie B. on 12 November 2021

"Great taste, easy to take"

"Great taste, easy to take. A fantastic way to top up my vitamin D levels. It's great they come in handy sachets, can take them on the go. The box is nicely packed and I feel like it a competitive liposomal vitamin D product."

Ashley S. on 13 Sep 2021

"The Vitamin sachets are full of flavour"

I immediately feel uplifted after digesting the packet. Mood is better and headaches and digestion have also been positively affected, meaning relief from pain has been experienced. Highly recommend."

Kathryn K. on 8 Sep 2021
Emma M. on 1 Sept 2021

"Amazing !!!"

It tastes really good and gives me all the energy I need.. don’t feel tired as quick anymore. This vitamin D really helps me and the boxes are delivered fast.

So happy I found this .. everyone has to give it a try.

Busuioc D. on 14 Oct 2021

Answers to your frequently asked questions

Vitamin D Zooki is great for lots of different things! The main ones are to support your immune system, muscle performance, and the strength of your bones and teeth. It’s hard to hit your daily vitamin D quota without supplementing, especially in the winter months, so Vitamin D Zooki is a perfect way to ensure you're getting enough.

These sachets are packed full of Vitamin D3, also known as the sunshine vitamin. Usually, when you see public health organisations talking about how we don’t get enough Vitamin D, they’re referring to Vitamin D3. If you want to get really technical, it’s ‘cholecalciferol’ that we use, and it’s sourced from a type of algae called ‘lichen’ - meaning it’s totally plant-based and vegan too!

As with all of our products, Vitamin D Zooki has been formulated to deliver high quality nutrients in high doses. Each sachet is packed with 3000iu of Vitamin D3, plus 100ug of Vitamin K2 for good measure.

‘Lipo-shield’ is what we call the special lipid emulsion that we wrap all our nutrients in. ‘Lipo’ for lipids, and ‘shield’ because they form a protective barrier around the nutrients, helping to deliver our nutrients right through the digestive system. Our lipo-shield is made up of essential phospholipids, the same thing that surrounds our cells. This means it takes into consideration the natural processes and structure of our cells, and uses it to your advantage.

We know it might be slightly confusing - it’s hard to imagine how we could make Zooki taste so good without artificial additives and sugars. However, despite the sweet taste, all Zooki products are completely free from sugars, artificial sweeteners and additives. Nothing but natural goodness and high impact nutrients! 

The sweetness you’re tasting could be the xylitol in our Zooki products, which is a naturally sweet compound found in fruits; however, unlike sugar, xylitol has a very low glycemic index and thus no effect on blood sugar levels!

We also use organic, plant-based glycerin derived from coconuts to keep the moisture content low, the taste sweet and the lipid solution stable.

Vitamin D Zooki is free from gluten, soy, dairy, alcohol and sugar!

We source our Vitamin D3 from lichen algae, making Vitamin D Zooki completely vegan (and sheep!) friendly




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