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Hair Zooki

Hair Zooki

Hair Nutrient Complex Liposomal Liquid Sachets
Packed to the brim with biotin, zinc and selenium, this Zooki is perfect for anyone looking to support and promote hair growth and nourishment
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Available in 3 flavours

  • Raspberry Ripple
  • Tropical
  • Blueberry
Make haircare
an internal affair

Hair is extremely demanding from a nutrition standpoint. It’s the 2nd fastest growing body tissue after bone marrow yet also one of the least prioritised. The body will use nutrients for more important functions before using them to create new hair; so if you’re lacking key nutrients, this can show up in thinning or slower hair growth.

Hair Zooki is an easy and effective way of ensuring you get 3 of the key ingredients that help support hair growth and reproduction. With these three essentials in your life, your hair may be dangerously prone to faster growth, less shedding and remaining strong and shiny.

What are liposomal nutrients?

In their natural state, nutrients are unprotected and vulnerable to being destroyed in the harsh environment of your digestive system


To get around this, we developed a way to wrap nutrients in "Liposomes" - tiny bubbles made from the same building blocks that make up the walls of our cells


These "Liposomes" form a shield around the nutrients which 1) protects them from stomach acid and 2) increases the absorption of nutrients across the gut wall and into the bloodstream

Clinically proven to have up to 4x higher absorption

Through multiple studies and clinical trials, we’ve demonstrated that Zooki Liposomal Encapsulation provides nutrients with up to 4x higher absorption into the bloodstream compared to conventional supplements.

Is Hair Zooki right for you?

Good hair days are now just a sachet away!


Skincare doesn't have to mean an elaborate nightime routine


'Tough as nails' is about to take on a whole new meaning


Support synthesis of essential structural proteins such as keratin


Three delicious flavours - the only downside will be trying to choose!


Grab-and-go sachets, to support even the busiest lifestyle

*Biotin contributes to maintenance of normal hair, skin and nails. Zinc contributes to normal protein synthesis.


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An expert opinion

Hair Zooki contains Selenium, Biotin, Zinc which help with hair growth and strength.

Watch this video to find out how from Sarah Carolides, one of the UK’s top functional medicine and nutrition specialists with over 20 years experience.




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