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Dr Vip Thiagarasah

Bsc, Clinical science medicine, Imperial London, 2000; MBBS, Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, St Mary’s Medical School London, 2001

Dr Vip is an experienced GP that practises within the NHS and privately. He has a wide range of specialities, including lifestyle medicine, sports medicine, men's health, paediatrics, care of the elderly and men's health. Head to the link below to download Zoom Doc and have a consultation with Dr Vip.

My qualifications

With 21 years' experience as a doctor and 13 years as a GP, Dr Vip is also Child Protection Lead in Enfield, works in Urgent Care Centres and specialises in lifestyle medicine, sports medicine, paediatrics, care of the elderly and men's health. He has also offered his expertise globally, travelling the world to work as a as a Helicopter Air Sea Rescue Medic and Team Lead Disaster Relief Medicine (post Asian Tsunami 2004).

My approach

Dr Vip doesn't approach medicine like your typical GP - he practices what's called lifestyle medicine. Lifestyle medicine prioritises lifestyle changes and preventative tactics. Learn more about Dr Vip's approach and how he advises supporting your immune system this winter in our latest webinar.

My favourite Zooki

Dr Vip's favourite Zooki is Vitamin D Zooki and his kids love Turmeric Zooki!




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