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How to make your hair grow faster & thicker naturally | Zooki X Boucléme

Written in collaboration with Boucléme

We’ve teamed up with curly haircare specialists Boucléme to give you expert advice on supporting your hair from the inside out! And we’re not just talking about the hairs on your head, but your brows and lashes too.

Boucléme is a black female led business that specialises in natural products for curly hair, making luxurious, plant-powered products that actually make a difference. Boucléme encourages people to embrace their curls, just changing the way they look after them! So, as you can imagine, they are experts when it comes to haircare & healthy hair growth.

What makes hair grow? 

Hair is almost completely composed of a structural protein called keratin, the same protein that makes up your nails and your skin’s outer layer. So when it's healthy, it's both strong and resilient. Every hair is anchored into your skin through follicles, at the bottom of which is the hair bulb. This is where the living cells divide and form the new proteins that become hair. Specific cells in the hair bulb, called melanocytes, make melanin. And melanin is what gives your hair its colour. These melanocytes can die as we age, which is when new hair that comes in starts to turn grey.

Powering it all are the nutrients and hormones that arrive in your cells through blood vessels, and these can modify the structure and growth rate of your hair throughout your life. To grow healthily, your hair relies on a mixture of amino acids, mineral salts and certain vitamins.

When everything is working well, each of the 100,000 or so hairs on your head grow at a rate of between 1 and 1.5 cm per month for anywhere from 2 to 8 years, after which they enter a short transition phase and then are eventually pushed out to make way for new hair. However, age, hormonal factors, and of course diet and nutrition can all affect how long our unique hair cycle takes. Interestingly, there are about 20 of these hair cycles going on simultaneously so that your hair doesn’t all fall out at the same time!

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss, or a change in texture, are common problems for both men and women. There can be genetic links, or it can be a reflection of stress - either physical or physiological. The body doesn’t prioritise hair growth, so if there is a shortage of nutrients that are needed for other organs or processes, hair growth will lose out. This is why people often notice their hair falls out or changes in some way after a stressful period such as pregnancy or illness. Or maybe you’ve just been working hard and eating a lot of takeaways.

There are several nutrients involved in the complete hair cycle, but it’s worth focussing on a few important ones which often feature in targeted hair supplements.

Natural tips for growing your hair long and thick

Nutrition for hair growth

Biotin for hair

Biotin is a B vitamin that has a dual role in hair growth. It’s crucial for forming the red blood cells that deliver nutrients to your hair follicles, as well as interacting with specific enzymes that stimulate the production of keratin. You get biotin from foods like eggs, organ meats, nuts, bananas and soybeans. It’s not easily digested though and can’t be stored by your body, so a supplement can help make up for the fact that you might not be consuming enough of it every day.

Zinc for hair

Zinc, iron and vitamin A are needed for strong hair, nails and skin. In particular, zinc helps bind the keratin proteins together to form stronger, more durable hair. All these nutrients are found in animal foods, so those on a meat-free diet may find they need more support. 

Omega 3 for hair

The same goes for the essential fatty acids found in oily fish, nuts and seeds and omega 3 supplements. These Omega 3 fish oils support hair thickness and growth and have been shown to reduce hair loss.

Selenium for hair 

There is a strong link between hair loss and the thyroid gland. Selenium (found in Brazil nuts, fish and meat) is an important nutrient for normal thyroid function. If hair loss is a problem for you, it’s worth exploring whether your thyroid is healthy or not.

Collagen for hair

Finally, protein and collagen can both help with hair health - by providing the amino acids needed to make keratin. Having some good quality protein with every meal should help, but a hydrolysed marine collagen supplement can be a great way to support skin, hair and nail health all in one.

Supplements for hair growth

Hair Zooki

Hair Zooki contains three of the key ingredients needed to support hair growth and structure. Scientifically determined doses of biotin, zinc and selenium, all encased in a lipid emulsion to maximise bioavailability, means that it targets your thyroid, hair proteins and the blood vessels that nourish them with the necessary nutrients to keep your hair strong and encourage new growth. It comes in three delicious flavours (Raspberry Ripple, Tropical and Blueberry) and is easy to take on the go or with your breakfast.

Collagen Zooki

Collagen Zooki delivers 5 grams of hydrolysed marine collagen with added vitamin C in each sachet. As the peptides are already broken down into an easily absorbed, low molecular size structure, our collagen can be readily taken up by the body to support hair growth and strength. The added vitamin C means that it also encourages the body to make more collagen itself. In 4 mouth-wateringly good flavours (Mango Peach, Berry, Concord Grape and Citrus Lime) it is by far the best tasting collagen supplement around.

Haircare products for hair growth & nourishment

As well as supporting your hair from the inside, there are things you can do on the outside too! We’ve partnered with Boucleme to ensure your hair is covered from every direction.

First up is Boucleme’s Hydrating Hair Cleanser - a gentle, sulphate-free daily shampoo suitable for all hair types, especially fine, oily and wavy hair. The key naturally potent ingredient, Sea Salt, volumises your hair and stimulates blood flow in the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

Remember what we said about protein? Next up is their Protein Booster, which has a reparative effect on the hair, ensuring its strong and durable and minimising flyaways and split ends. This is a perfect companion to Collagen & Hair Zooki, supporting the hair from the outside as the supplements get to work inside the body!

Next up in Bouclémes’s hair growth roster is their Intensive Moisture Treatment, making sure your locks are nourished and strengthened with every use! Anytime your hair is feeling dehydrated and lacklustre, it’s a quick and easy way to top up moisture levels and get back on track. 

The final haircare staple is Boucléme’s Revive 5 Hair Oil - a multi-tasker if you ever did see one! Protecting your hair from UV rays, pollution, humidity and heat while at the same time hydrating, reviving and strengthening, you’ll wonder how your hair ever coped without it.

If you’ve got curly, coily or wavy hair, Boucléme is your best bet for curly hair care all round. Check out their full curlcare range here.

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