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7 suprising facts about the gut

There’s a popular saying in the natural health world: “I’ve got 99 problems, but healing my gut will probably solve 95 of them”. 

There’s rarely only one root cause of any health issue, but it’s definitely true that the gut is linked to health all around the body more than any other organ. It’s linked to immunity, nutrient levels, energy, inflammation, mental wellness and skin health and even how well you sleep. So let’s dive in and learn some of the reasons that make your intestines so interesting!

  1. The gut contains as many neurons as the brain of a small cat. It might not be composing poetry, but it’s certainly not stupid.

  2. The bacteria in the gut communicate with the brain in our head through the vagus nerve. If they’re not happy, chances are we won’t be happy either. Some scientists think they may also be behind cravings, especially for sugar!

  3. The population of microorganisms residing in the large intestine contain 150 times more genetic information than our own bodies. 

  4. When you’ve finished eating, electricity passes through the stomach and intestines to propel the contents along and control the bacterial levels.

  5. The lining of the small intestine is only 1 cell thick, which makes it surprisingly delicate.

  6. The bacteria in our gut break down certain nutrients and manufacture others for us that we wouldn’t be able to access or make ourselves. This is why it’s called a symbiotic relationship as we give them a safe place to live and in return they provide us with nutrients and energy.

  7. Our saliva contains a painkiller that is stronger than morphine (only in tiny amounts though)!

Enter Gut Biome Zooki

We’ve taken 3 key strains of bacteria and combined them with lactoferrin to bring you one of the most effective gut health supplements on the market. Lactobacillus support the immune system, enhance the gut wall, help produce B vitamins and inhibit pathogens. Deficiency of lactobacillus may increase the likelihood of depression. Bifidobacteria may help decrease anxiety, help prevent GI infections and are involved in metabolising foodstuffs to produce antioxidants, short chain fatty acids and B vitamins. Adding a daily dose of these beneficial bacteria with Gut Biome Zooki will help your gut and support your overall health.




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