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Zara Esmaeili

MA - Further and Higher Education; Yoga Teacher Certification; Diet and Nutritional Advisor - Level 3; Sound Therapist - Level 3

I help people integrate mindfulness, nutrition and exercise into their daily routine. These three areas directly impact our lives and I encourage and support individuals to make a conscious effort to align them

My qualifications

I completed my Master's degree in 2013, and the following year I went on my yoga teacher training after being a practitioner for 5 years. I have been teaching yoga for 8 years and hosting retreats as well as helping individuals gain a better understanding of their diet and how it impacts their health. I also work in further and higher education, delivering health and wellness programmes to young adults. It is my pleasure and purpose to be of service to others and support them on their journey to a happier healthier life.

My approach

My approach to health and wellness comes from 13 years of personal experience. I understand and appreciate that each body is unique and one size does not fit all. I like to draw upon different methods such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda as well as looking at an individual's diet and lifestyle choices like sleep, exercise, work and relationships. I will always turn to food as a source of medicine before anything due to the healing properties they contain. I also like to use homeopathic and natural remedies to cure any ailments coupled with an effective daily routine. I support my clients and help them gain a better understanding of the three pillars (mindfulness, diet & nutrition, exercise) which I believe are the foundation to a balanced and healthy life.

My favourite Zooki

I would have to say the Vitamin C Zooki as it takes care of so many body functions like immunity, wound healing, skin & bone health, iron absorption and it's a powerful antioxidant . It is my number one go to and nothing beats the taste of it!




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