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VJ - The Autoimmunity Nutritionist

Registered Nutritional Therapist (DipION), BSc in Biochemistry and Immunology, Certified AIP Coach

Hi, I’m VJ! I am a Nutritionist & Expert in Autoimmune Disease. I help strong-willed women with autoimmune disease regain their strength and live a full and symptom-free life. 

My qualifications

VJ is a qualified Nutritional Therapist based in Central London and Harrogate focusing on autoimmune disease including skin conditions, neurological and brain issues, chronic fatigue, and cardiovascular disorders. Furthermore, VJ has a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and Immunology which she uses in her practice, using only nutritional therapies based on scientific evidence to support chronic conditions. VJ is an AIP Certified Coach – having the skills to coach autoimmune sufferers through the AIP protocol. In addition, VJ is a DNALife Practitioner and is able to advise on a dietary protocol to suit your genetic profile.

My approach

 After 25 years of suffering from multiple autoimmune conditions that affected my energy, skin, hair and joints, I discovered after studying Immunology and Functional Medicine and training as a Nutritionist Therapist that by uncovering the root cause of my issues, I was able to transform my health and now live free of symptoms. I use these same principles in my nutritional therapy clinic to help women with autoimmune disease regain their strength and live a whole and symptom-free life.

My favourite Zooki

As an immune system specialist, I love the Zooki Immunity bundle. The flavours are delicious and it is the perfect combination of nutrients to rebuild and strengthen the immune system, and to take more frequently during an acute infection. I recommend this bundle to my autoimmune clients to help manage their autoimmune symptoms.




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