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Uta Boellinger


Uta Boellinger is a registered nutritional therapist and lecturer who specialises in helping busy people balance their hormones and feel reenergised so they can live life to the full

My qualifications

Uta holds a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition and is currently studying at the National Centre for Eating Disorders. Before following her passion for health and wellbeing, Uta was a senior manager in the financial service industry and holds the Harvard Certificate in Leadership Excellence. She also studied journalism and has been able to combine her skills by publishing magazine articles on various topics including nutrition, fertility and the link between nutrition and mental health.

My approach

As well as running her own clinic in Brighton, Uta is a lecturer in holistic nutrition, a clinical supervisor and the in-house nutritionist at the Agora fertility clinic. 

Additionally Uta has utilised her background in the corporate world to create and deliver numerous workshops on nutrition for companies including Gartner, Morgan Lewis, American Express and Legal & General. 

More recently, she has become passionate about supporting energy for sports performance and has worked with a number of athletes. 

As a working mum Uta understands the challenges of looking after yourself when you’re busy and prides herself in creating personalised holistic health plans to fit in with anyone’s lifestyle and helping her clients implement these step by step so they can feel and perform at their best. 

My favourite Zooki

My favourite Zooki is Turmeric Zooki. As someone who exercises a lot I’m always on the lookout for that little extra support to help with recovery and to protect my joints (I started power lifting last year!)

Turmeric is one of my favourite anti-inflammatory supplements and I was really pleased when I found Turmeric Zooki as it not only tastes amazing but is so effective due to its liposomal formulation.




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