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Tian Howell

Personal Training Dip., Mat and Reformer Pilates, STOTT

Founder of The Librium Menopause Clinic, Wellness Coach, Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer

My qualifications

Tian was awarded a first-class honours degree from the Royal Academy of Dance before focusing her attention to Pilates. She gained STOTT qualifications in Mat and Reformer Pilates, with specialist training in Pilates for shoulder girdle and knee injuries, pre-natal and Pilates for breast cancer. She then expanded her knowledge with a Personal Training diploma. Tian works closely with many physios and consultants to provide expert conditioning sessions for post-op and injury patients and teaches regular classes at Core Collective and OPUS Fitness in South-West London.

In 2022 Tian founded The Librium Menopause Clinic, bringing together top quality eastern and western medicine. The combination of fitness instructors, wellness coaches, holistic practitioners and medical consultants support women through their menopause journey.

My approach

Tian’s number one goal in life is to help make people happy, healthy and encourage sustainable lifestyles. When Tian was aged 18 to 24, she went through a rough period of poor health, including a Foot Injury, Ulcerative Colitis, Cancer and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. However, those six years gave her time to reflect and realise that her health and wellbeing must become a priority. As a result, her whole outlook on life changed, and she now works from a place of passion and positivity.

Holistic practices played a massive part in Tian's recovery, and she now devotes her time to developing systems to help share her knowledge and support others. She is committed to encouraging healthy, balanced lifestyles without compromising on life's little pleasures and believes fitness should be sustainable and support your lifestyle rather than inhibit it.

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