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Ruqia Alee

Hijamah therapist and founder of ‘The Seremedy Clinic’ and 'Mindful Mamahood'

My qualifications

Ruqia is a Naturopathic Nutrition & Unani Medicine student practitioner with CUTAM (College of Unani tibb and alternative medicine, Manchester). Unani medicine is a form of Eastern Herbalism focused on healing the body by addressing the six essential factors of life such as diet, sleep and wakefulness, movement and rest, retention and elimination, emotional state, etc. The use of unique Unani herbs and physical treatments like Hijama (wet or dry cupping) therapy or massage therapy may also be something a client is offered.

Ruqia strives to understand a client's original constitution through a thorough consultation where she learns about their health history, lifestyle, diet and daily habits. With the use of physical examinations like iridology (iris analysis), tongue analysis and a pulse reading, Ruqia aims to deduce an individual's health imbalances and sets out to return them to their natural equilibrium. 

My approach

Many years of studying hasn't hindered Ruqia from working within the community by increasing awareness of the importance of health and nutrition. 

Recently, her passion for supporting her local borough has paid off as she is one of the founders of 'Mindful Mamahood' - a community initiative that supports mums in their motherhood journey due to the rise of post-natal mental health issues. Being a staunch advocate of wellness, she desires to use her skills to inspire others and encourage them to thrive!




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