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Paul Hoskings

A performance & health coach for almost 28 years

My qualifications

Paul has travelled the world extensively serving as an elite conditioning coach to Professional Sports people, Television & Film personalities and high achievers. He now manages an online client base of several hundred clients.

Paul’s qualifications started as a Sports Science Graduate over 25 years ago but he continues to develop his learning and skills each year as he works personally with the world's leading authorities on performance, biohacking, supplementation & nutrition. He has a passion for the very specific needs of the over 40 body & specialises in this area.

His personal physical achievements continue to grow, having completed in the last 10 years alone since the age of 40 - numerous Marathons & 60-100 Mile Ultra Run events, Multiple Ironman races, several Tour De France stages, Crossfit competitions, Spartan Endurance & Trifecta events. He has competed for Great Britain Over 40’s in World Duathlon championship races and has recently qualified for the Hyrox World Championships in Las Vegas in May 2022. 

My approach

I dedicate my time to my clients and students from my salon and academy in Essex, along with working in the area with other salons and academies to help their staff and clients. I believe in working from the inside out with the most natural approach, looking at the bigger picture, understanding your needs and why and working slowly and steadily to get the results you want. 

My passion in life is to experiment with his learnings over the years on how to best achieve Optimal Health, Fitness and Performance through diet, nutritional supplementation and exercise protocols whilst putting it to the test against the World’s most demanding physical challenges - and then sharing this knowledge with his clients.




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