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Lotti Sorrell

Level 3, CIMSPA registered PT

Top London Personal Trainer, passionate about demystifying fitness and health and empowering people to move the way their bodies were meant to.

My qualifications

I have been a level 3, CIMSPA registered personal trainer for three years, with additional qualifications in bodyweight training, kettlebell training and myofascial release, among others. I specialise in intelligent, functional movement, working with London’s top gyms to empower my clients with movement and knowledge.

My approach

Spurred on by a lack of truly personal advice within the social media era of fitness, I always strive to educate and inform about the need for tailored training. With a focus on functionality and form to develop longevity and keep the body moving as it should for as long as it can, my techniques focus on variety to keep the body performing at its peak. Inspired by a background in extreme sports and an emphasis on the importance of mindfulness in movement, my training has taken me to some of London’s top gyms and studios.

My belief is that good nutrition is key to living a happy and healthy life and by restoring your energy and health via nutrition you can feel your best and live the life you want.




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