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Lisa Akua

BSc (hons) Business Management ; NVQ2 Hairdressing; VCTC2 Beauty Therapy; VCTC3 Beauty Therapy; Curl by Curl certified

Hi! My name is Lisa and I am a Curl Specialist and Beauty therapist

My qualifications

I have a degree in Business Management but decided hair and beauty were where my passions were, so I decided to go back to education and retrain. As a curly girl myself I realised there was no one able to do my hair and so I specialised in curls!

My approach

My approach is a holistic one. Skin and hair are the first to show signs that something may be imbalanced within and so I always encourage lots of water intake, exercise and healthy eating where possible.

My favourite Zooki

This is difficult, so I will choose 2! Vitamin D Zooki because as a woman of colour I am prone to vitamin D deficiency. It also has vitamin K2 in it, so when combined with my other favourite - Vitamin C Zooki - it’s a powerful anti-viral. On numerous occasions this combo has stopped colds in their tracks! 




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