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Jenny Tomei

DipCNM, ANP; NCFED Advanced Diploma Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders; Level 4 PT; Pre & Post Natal Instructor; Running Coach; Spin Instructor

Jenny is a qualified Eating Disorder Coach, Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer and public speaker

My approach

Jenny suffered with Anorexia for over 6 year and now her passion is to help others improve their relationship with food. She uses practical intervention and nutritional rehabilitation guidance to support change and recovery from eating distress. Her work includes mentoring and helping people with various different types of eating disorders along with poor body image, low self worth and weight control problems. Jenny also specialises in IBS, RED-S (Relative energy deficit syndrome) and gut health in order to improve overall health and wellbeing. 

My favourite Zooki

My favourite Zooki is Vitamin C Zooki - it helps give you that energy boost when you're feeling under the weather, which can help to make your day a lot easier to get through! I have certainly noticed a change in my energy levels after using Vitamin C Zooki, especially pre and post workouts. 





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