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Beanie Robinson

PgDip Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapist and founder of The Health Space, an online women's health clinic

My qualifications

I am founder of The Health Space, an online Women’s Health Nutrition Clinic that specialises in weight loss, hormonal imbalances (PCOS, Menopause & PMS) and Type 2 Diabetes.

My approach

I take a holistic approach that considers the whole body and every system within it. I aim to support an individual both physically and mentally. As well as a Nutrition Plan, I will consider lifestyle behaviours (sleep, environment, movement, purpose, etc.) to ensure a multi-pronged approach is used to get the most profound transformation.

My favourite Zooki

Vitamin C Zooki is such a great & tasty daily sachet. I recommend all my clients to take daily vitamin C. 




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