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Alex Orfanides

M.Ost. BA (Hons), ART® Full Body + Nerve Certified, Graston Technique® Certified

Soft-tissue injury specialist & osteopath. Alex Orfanides is one of the UK’s leading experts on muscle and joint injuries and Director of Active Ambition Ltd.

My qualifications

My extensive clinical studies in both North America and the UK, consisting of two university degrees as well as postgraduate studies centring on pain and movement issues, provide the academic foundation for my clinical approach with my patients. 

I routinely participate in speaking engagements, and work actively to promote body literacy and patient empowerment. When I'm not working from my Harley St. office, I provide home-visit appointments and remote consultation services.

My approach

My approach is patient-centred, tailored, and bespoke for the individual patient and their unique body and needs. 

I incorporate my clinical knowledge of injury and tissue healing on a cellular level into my treatment approach, where I utilise manual therapy and mobilisation strategies to resolve musculoskeletal injuries. It is essential to me that my patients always know not only what I am doing, but why I am doing it. Ensuring that all of my patients feel supported in being active participants in their recovery is a key part of achieving pain-free results that last. 

I have extensive international work experience with elite athletes as well as with generally athletic individuals (my sports-specific experience includes olympic weightlifting, bouldering, and swimming). More recently, my clinical work has focussed on individuals with chronic treatment-resistant injuries relating to connective tissue disorders and hypermobility.

I take a holistic approach in my work with patients, and ensuring that my patients have the nutritional "building blocks" to support injury healing and tissue remodelling is a key part of that.




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