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The best supplements to take on holiday

Going on holiday should be the time when your health replenishes itself and recovers from normal working life. Whether your idea of relaxing is chilling by a pool or hiking up the Atlas Mountains; reducing stress, spending time with family and friends and hopefully catching up on sleep is always going to be a good thing.

But holidays inevitably mean changes to both food and routine and that can sometimes be problematic for your health. Not to mention the actual travel itself. And strangely, as we release tensions, we sometimes come down with an illness straight away on holiday, or spend the first couple of days barely able to move with tiredness as our bodies remind us just how hard we’ve been pushing them and how much we need to recover.

Best vitamins to take while travelling

To help support you on your hard-earned break, we’ve put together some of our favourite travel supplements that will work hard on your holiday so you can relax and enjoy yourself. And because packing space is always a premium, we’ve only included those supplements that work overtime and help in several ways (plus they come in on the go sachets and dispensers that make them perfect for travel!) Just pop a few day's worth in your handbag or suitcase and you're sorted.

Firstly, there’s the travel. Travelling in close conditions with other people can cause havoc on our immune systems. Studies have shown that air travel in particular can negatively affect both our digestive and immune health because of the pressurised cabin air system.

An easy and effective way to keep your immune system supported while you travel is with Vitamin C Zooki and Gut Biome Zooki. I recommend starting with some extra Vitamin C Zooki sachets a day or two before you travel and then take another dose every 4 hours while travelling. As a key antioxidant, it can also provide a fantastic boost for energy, skin health and also reinforce the liver with detoxification. That may be important if you’re drinking more alcohol on your holiday than usual as well, and vitamin C supplements are well known to help with not only reducing toxins but also the symptoms of a hangover.

Best probiotics for travel

We love that travelling abroad gives us a chance to experiment with local foods. Variety and trying new dishes is always good, but there aren’t many people who haven’t experienced ‘holiday tummy’ at some point on their travels. There’s nothing worse than travelling somewhere exciting and missing out on the fun because you dare not move far from your room. I once went to Morocco and got very excited about trying what I thought were some very fresh sardines being cooked down by the docks. Except it turned out they weren’t so fresh after all and I spent the entire weekend getting to know the bathroom while my friends explored the city without me.

We’re not promising that Gut Biome Zooki can fight off old sardines; but it can definitely underpin intestinal wellbeing by supporting a more robust gut lining and shoring up our population of friendly microorganisms known as the gut microbiome. And as we like supplements that do more than one thing, it’s good to know that as 80% of the immune system is in the gut and that the extra burst of friendly bacteria will help top up your immune defences as well. 

Supplements for maintaining your holiday glow

For those off to enjoy some sunshine, we don’t need to tell you the importance of a good, environmentally friendly sunscreen. But if you want to protect your skin from the inside and ward off some of the potential skin ageing damage, taking a daily dose of hydrolysed marine collagen is one of the best things you can do. UVA rays from the sun can penetrate deeper into the dermis and damage the collagen fibres as well as stimulating the production of abnormal elastin. This in turn promotes the production of certain enzymes that can degrade collagen even further, increasing the likelihood of wrinkles and dry, leathery skin. It’s a nasty, damaging cascade that we often want to ignore as we go after that glowing tan! Our daily 5 gram sachet of collagen peptides with added vitamin C will encourage the body’s own production of collagen as well as provide the building blocks that can be absorbed and used by the body to support the dermal layer and repair some of the damage.

Supplements for beating tiredness from travelling

Who doesn’t want more energy on holiday? If you’ve got an action-packed sports holiday planned, or just active children demanding your attention all day, adding daily turmeric into your routine can help reduce fatigue as well as support your mood (useful when you’re holidaying with family!) Turmeric is an adaptogen, which means it can help boost you when you’re down or calm you when you’re anxious. It’s a subtle worker though, so taking it consistently will encourage the best results.

Holidays are magic times when we can reconnect with ourselves and recharge our batteries. The last thing you want is for illness or fatigue to get in the way. By packing our concentrated sachets of hard working nutrients, you’ll be that much closer to ensuring your health enjoys your break as much as you do.




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