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Tara Lee

BA Psychology and Sociology; Shiatsu qualification; Yoga teacher qualification and Senior Yoga teacher (YAP); and Nutritional Therapist ( DipNt, mBant, rCNHC)

Țara specialises in yoga and nutrition to best support clients’ health and wellbeing

My qualifications

Tara studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine learning how to use nutrition and lifestyle in a naturopathic approach to supporting clients. Tara studied yoga with Yoga Campus alongside many other leading teachers around the world and now runs her own yoga teacher training courses specialising in pregnancy yoga. 

Tara has been named one of the top 10 yoga teachers in London by ES magazine and has a range of best-selling videos on Amazon.

My approach

No matter how well we move our bodies, ultimately we need the right fuel to function optimally. Tara supports clients who come to see her with a range of symptoms, including low energy, digestive issues, diabetes, weight issues, poor sleep, support with plant-based diets and help with pre and post natal nutrition. Tara offers lifestyle and supplement advice in conjunction with nutritional protocols.

My favourite Zooki

I can’t live without Vitamin C Zooki (Citrus Orange flavour)! I add it to my water bottle to flavour the water and it helps ensure I drink enough and stay hydrated as it tastes so good!




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