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Matthew Bayliss

BSc Sport & exercise science, CIMPSA, BASES

Founder of Designed by you and qualified advanced private trainer. Passionate about changing the way we manage our wellbeing personally and professionally in the workplace.

My approach

My passion and mission is to help people thrive both personally and professionally when it comes to their own wellness. Designed by you is a sustainable approach to educating and empowering people when it comes to managing their health and wellness in the workplace.

I work with individuals and corporate organisations to help bridge the gap between achieving their unique personal health goals and peak physical wellbeing whilst also firing on all cylinders in their professional lives.

I am a big believer that you don't have to sacrifice your health for professional success, you can have both.

My belief is that good nutrition is key to living a happy and healthy life and by restoring your energy and health via nutrition you can feel your best and live the life you want.




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