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Meet atis: The London cafe making plant-powered food the new normal

Pioneering with plant-based bowls that are not only delicious but an exciting meal out, atis isn't just any plant-powered cafe! Just like we've done with supplements, they're changing the game.

Since we have so much in common, Zooki is now available for purchase with your tasty atis bowl at atis Notting Hill. atis is also available on Deliveroo, and you'll find a delicious deal from Zooki in your atis orders too.

We recently had a chance to chat to atis about how they came about and what makes them unique. Read below!

What makes atis different? 

We are on a mission to get people eating more plant-forward food. It is better for the planet, better for ourselves and most importantly, delicious. This is increasingly seen as a modern way of eating and atis wants to make it the new normal.

Right now, we believe the best way to achieve our mission is to give our customers flexibility; people who eat fish or meat don’t want to eat meat-free every day. That’s why our creative vegetarian and vegan set bowls - that we’ve created and tested alongside chefs - are customisable with vegetarian proteins as well as some ‘opt-out’ chicken and fish options for those who need their fix!

Our food ethos is centered around balance and moderation. No gimmicks, fads or omissions of food groups, just thoughtful food put together by people who care.

How did the idea for Atis come about? 

While living in the US, our eyes were opened to a new kind of relationship with food. We came across brands that were making food about satisfaction, personal health, sustainable sourcing and building communities - so much more than just fuel and convenience.

We made it our mission to bring London a food company that serves delicious plant-powered food that stands for something and brings people together who share our values.

We call this ‘powerful food’. Food that’s good for our body, our soul and our planet. Food that’s full of flavour where nothing feels like it’s missing from the plate. Food that’s eaten in a space where the like-minded can connect.

How do you go about formulating your recipes? 

We work with a talented team of chefs to experiment with different flavours, textures and recipes to create food that tastes epic, uses seasonal ingredients and is nutrient rich to nourish our customers.  

What's the best-selling dish at Atis? 

Our ‘BYO’ option is our bestseller. People love that they can pick and choose what they want in their bowls, however if we’re talking about the core menu then I would say it’s the Azteca with Blackened Chicken. 

How can plant-powered food help with immunity? 

By eating a diet that is rich in nutrient dense plant foods, you’re accessing a huge array of vitamins and minerals that naturally keep you healthy and boost your immune system. A varied diet is key for this, and in just one bowl you can probably find at least 4-5 different varities of plant-powered foods.

How would you recommend people get started with a plant-powered diet?

We see lots of different customers, some vegan, some veggie and some who are just open to introducing more plants into their diet. We’d recommend starting with a salad you love and then try switching in different alternative premiums and proteins from out menu. For example, if you have our blackened chicken 3 times a week, why not give the miso lime leaf tempeh a try for one of those days? It’s small wins that can make a big difference.




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