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Move well, Live better


Movement. Something that involves so much possibility. Something that contains almost limitless outcomes. Something that we neglect? 

In one way or another, we make physical movements everyday. Most of us get around from place to place by physically moving. We pick up our children and hug them, or we carry the shopping in from the car. We perform day to day tasks that may require minimal thought and we play sports that require our full attention. In summary, we move.  

Conscious movement 

Do we take notice of how we move? Do we feel restricted or in pain when we  move? Do we feel free flowing and agile? Can we do all the things we want to do with ease? Are we limited to perform simple tasks due to pain or movement  impairments? 

As human beings we are built to move in all planes of motion. We are designed to work well through multi directional patterns. Our bodies are equipped with  everything we need to unlock this movement potential.  

Physical & Psychological  

My experience as a coach and physiotherapist has placed me in the services of  many people who struggle to move freely in all planes of motion, from various issues such as tightness and neural restrictions to pain and instability. This can lead to psychological difficulties too, for example low confidence levels or  frustration.  

Your ability to physically move is directly linked to your mental health. Ask  yourself how you felt, if you are/have been injured or restricted due to pain, joint issues or anything else.  

Then ask yourself how you felt when you can/could move freely. It might be  thinking back to when you were young and agile or when you were at the height  of your sporting career.  

If we are suddenly restricted with our movement that can weigh heavy on our  mental state. Yet when we are in full flow we feel unstoppable, so much so we  may not even think about our movement abilities and just do things with  confidence.  

Unlock our bodies 

As a coach and physiotherapist my goal is to encourage pain free movement with efficiency.  

Unlocking the potential we all have to live our lives the way we want to. With  minimal physical pain. Do the things we want to, wether that be sports, rock  climbing, dance or deep sea diving. To not only have the ability to do everything  we enjoy, but flourish in our movement capabilities and increase our awareness of our movement. Understand how lucky we may be, and do everything we can to prolong that power of movement we all possess in one way or another.  

Top tip 

I will share one tip with you. Recovery is vital. If we want to improve our  movement, perform better in all aspects of life and unlock the ability to live freely within our bodies, we must recover well. We have to let our bodies regenerate so we can then enhance our movement capabilities efficiently.  

Recovery has become more notable in recent years. New technology, techniques and facilities all provide options to a good recovery routine. Furthermore supplementation is being utilised to help with your body's ability to recovery efficiently. Having so many options for recovery can cause confusion in what works and what you really need.  

This is where Zooki have stepped in and generated Collagen Zooki! Collagen is a protein that plays an essential role in the structure and function of our skin,  cartilage, bones and connective tissue. It is vital for regeneration and recovery.  We do generate natural collagen within the body, however these levels drop as  we age. Furthermore if we do not get a good nights sleep, this can affect our  collagen production.

Having a supplement that helps keep collagen levels optimal and uses all natural ingredients, is a win win; keeping our functioning efficiently through movement and regeneration. 




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