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Energising fruit salad

Eating certain fruit paired with protein and healthy fats is a great way to maintain your energy levels, hydration and nourishment. This colourful, energising fruit salad is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will help keep you fuelled and satisfied for hours. 

    Why these ingredients?


    Melon is refreshing and has a high water content - almost 90% - helping you stay hydrated. It also contains energising vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support your body’s energy production and maintain their levels throughout the day. 


    Raspberries are loaded with powerful antioxidants and a healthy source of energy-boosting carbs and dietary fibre, all of which contribute to healthy energy levels.  


    Bananas are a great source of vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, dietary fibre and phytonutrients. Bananas are loaded with carbohydrates which will give you an instant source of energy to keep you fuelled and active.


    Apricots are sweet, juicy and rich in copper, vitamin A, folate and fibre which all help to support regular bowel movements, vital for optimal energy levels throughout the day.


    Dried fruits like dates are loaded with a wide range of essential minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium which help to support your body’s energy production and overall health. 


    Almonds are highly nutrient-rich, packed full of vitamin E, magnesium and lots of protein to help you sustain energy throughout the day.

    Vitamin C Zooki

    Vitamin C Zooki is Citrus Orange flavour makes the perfect dressing to this energising fruit salad. Vitamin C Zooki supports energy levels, giving the fruit salad an extra boost.




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