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The 3 pillars of immunity support

We've incorporated our best winter-busting products into a limited edition bundle to make supporting your immune system this winter easier than ever.

Save 20% on Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Gut Biome Zooki with the Winter Essentials pack. Taking all 3 products together provides optimum support across all three of your immune system's lines of defence: innate immunity, adaptive immunity and your gut microbiome.

Covering all bases
Innate immunity

Fuel your white blood cells with Vitamin C as they hunt down invaders

Adaptive immunity

Prime all immune cells with Vitamin D

Physcial barriers

Support your gut microbiome as they crowd out invaders

Over 30,000 happy customers

“5 stars - Highly recommend"

"I've tried a lot of supplements and highly recommend the Vitamin C. There was a noticeable change in my energy levels and I have so much more energy throughout the day. It also tastes amazing!”


"Best Vitamin C"

“Best vitamin C I’ve ever taken, amazing product that I’ll keep buying again.”

Helena R.

"Best brand ever!"

Most incredible brand and brilliant quality of vit c. My go to when I am feeling slightly under the weather. A few sachets later and I’m fine! Have recommended to everyone I meet!

Natalie T. on 1 Nov 2021

"Zooki is the best!"

Absolutely amazing feeling so energetic every morning! Also my skin is more brighter than ever! Taste is delicious! Thanks YourZooki! You are the best! I can’t wait to try collagen zooki!

Esra T. on 30 Nov 2020

"Brilliant vitamins thank you!"

Always great quality products and timely delivery system we are delighted with our vitamins and feel they make a huge difference. They have become an important part of our daily routine. Thank you

Rosie G. on 28 Oct 2021

"Great tasting"

"Decided to give these a try to boost how much vitamin D my body gets over the winter period. Great tasting, not too sweet. First time I had one I felt a "buzz" afterwards, and I am someone with a healthy diet."

Charles M. on 18 Oct 2021
Disrupting the nutrition industry...

Hard-to-swallow pills, sickly oils, clumpy powders. Not enjoying your supplements often leads to them collecting dust at the back of your cupboard. When you do remember to take them, poor absorption can mean they pass straight through into the toilet. But it doesn't have to be this way. Zooki at a time

In the first of its kind, the Zooki range combines great taste with nutrients wrapped in lipids to support absorption into the bloodstream in a way that will leave you wanting more.

Tasty so you never forget to take it. Designed with absorption in mind so you actually feel the benefits. Don't just take our word for it though...

Dr Vip Thiagarasah
A GP with over 20 years experience
"Taking all three of these will...

"People ask me all the time how to stay healthy this winter. I recommend you think about Vitamin D and Vitamin C supplements, and certainly think about a probioitic which Zooki I'm glad to say do an excellent one. Taking all three of these will hopefully keep you away from those colds."

Dr Mayoni Gooneratne
Doctor and founder of Human Health
"Really effective and active...

"I always encourage my patients to really carefully consider what lifestyle modifications they can make. Doing little bits regularly can make a really big difference and certainly supplementation is one of those ways with medical advice. The Zooki Vitamin D is something that I take and is really effective and active."

Nutritionist GQ Jordan
"I love the Zooki products...

I love Zooki products and regularly recommend them to clients. My facourite product has to be Vitamin C Zooki. Just like regular vitamin C, it can help combat oxidative stress, enhance immune function, improve collagen production, boost iron absorption, and support overall cardiovascular and brain health WITH the added bonus of better absorption through its lipid formula.

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This bundle contains
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Winter Immunity Essentials
Essential support for the winter months
Shop our collection of winter immunity essentials and save up to 20% with the new Zooki Winter Essentials Pack

Winter Immunity Essentials

Essential support for the winter months
Shop our collection of winter immunity essentials and save up to 20% with the new Zooki Winter Essentials Pack
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Winter Immunity Essentials
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